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Deborah's Forever Knight fan fiction novel.

Forever Knight, the TV show that featured an 800 year old vampire, who is a Toronto Homicide Detective. The TV show aired from 1992-96. There is a large cult following of the show. Fans refuse to allow the story and characters to die.

This story begins two years after Nick Knight met Natalie Lambert, the Toronto M.E.

Another Forever Knight fan fiction novel by Deborah.

Second Chance begins six years after the series ended. Nick left town and Natalie doesn't know what's happened to him. But vampires are still a part of her life.

Submission to the 2004 Yuletide Awards

Another Forever Knight, Christmas Story. Nick is scared of a relationship with Natalie. When he refuses to commit, she leaves town to pursue another life, without Nick, and flees to another man's arms.

This story takes place at the end of third season, after Night in Question and Ashes to Ashes episode.

'Last Knight' never happened!

Winner of the 2003 "Yuletide Award"

A Forever Knight, Christmas Story. Nick finally tells Natalie that he loves her, but another vampire attacks her, changing their lives forever. This story takes place at the end of third season. 'Last Knight' never happened!